Open positions

If you have strong interests in macroevolution, biodiversity, and phylogenomics and would like to join our team please send me an email.

Postdoctoral Researchers

We currently have no funded postdoctoral positions but I am happy to act as a sponsor NSF or other postdoctoral programs.

Graduate Researchers

Please contact my by email if you are interested in applying for graduate study in the lab. Information about the graduate program is available here.


We are looking for new team members to help us with ongoing projects in these areas….

  1. An analysis of speciation and extinction in apes. Desired skills: interest/familiarity with ape and hominid evolution, interest/experience with scripting and command line operations.
  2. An examination of fish and cepahlopod macroevolution. Desired skills: interest/familiarity with cephalopds, interest/experience with scripting, command line operations, python programming.
  3. A study of evolutionary dynamics in complex biomechanical traits. Desired skills: interest/familiarity in evolutionary dynamics, interest/experience with scripting, command line operations, python programming, C++ programming.
  4. Macroevolutionary dynamics of fishes. Desired skills: interst/familiarity with tensorflow and machine learning, interest/experience with python programming, command line operations, scripting, phylogenetics.

In your email please identify which of these projects you are interested in pursuing as well as any relevant experience you might have. Please also include a CV.